Arcade Roadtrip

Ep 105 – 2017 Christmas Extravaganza

Come join us on IRC! It’s a riot!

TWO Christmas related questions tonight:

1) Best arcade-related gift you’ve gotten?
2) Other than a whole game, what arcade related thing do you wish Santa would bring you?

CarrieZ will be continuing her awesome and funny annual Christmas Poem, or story, or limerick, or pun, or whatever you wish to call it! (She’s keeping it a secret from us!)

We review last week’s game challenge: Circus Charlie!

Check out the High score table for Circus Charlie here:

We also go around the room and visit what we’ve all been doing the past week (Except no Star Wars: Last Jedi talk!), have some drinks, do some toasts, give out some warm wishes…you don’t want to miss it!

Next week we will be taking the 26th off, and then be back for Jan 2nd for our New Year’s wrap up!

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